The Brighton Brownie Company

I can resist anything but temptation

a love affair awaits you
Allow yourself to be seduced by our delicious handmade brownies and slip into a world of decadence and pleasure. Divine aromas of the finest cocoa and chocolate will tease and excite as you bite through the crisp outer layer into moist, sweet, bliss.

passion not automation
Fangled soulless machines won't be found in our kitchen ... No! Non! Nessuno! The gentle motion of hand and spoon carefully combine our precious ingredients. We chunk chocolate and chop nuts by hand so each mouthful offers unique texture and extra titillation. Passion, pride and a keen eye ensure all our brownies are prepared and baked to perfection. 

personal, fresh & organic
Each beautiful brownie is made to order using only premium and organic ingredients. We believe this is better for freshness, flavour, health and happiness. Gifts are infinitely more special with that little personal touch so individual customer requests will be satisfied whenever possible. After all, if we can't help you earn extra brownie points, who can?